Reviewed: July 2024

You can use the following wording to promote the 3Rs in your terms and conditions:

All experimental programmes supported by XXXXX must only use animals where there are no alternatives.

Experiments using animals funded by the XXXXX must:

  • use the species of animal with the lowest level of consciousness possible.
  • ensure that distress and suffering are avoided wherever possible.
  • employ an appropriate design and use the minimum number of animals consistent with ensuring that the scientific objectives will be met.

See the NC3Rs website for further information and guidance (

All grant holders using animals must implement the principles in the cross-funder guidance Responsibility in the Use of Animals in Bioscience Research (

Grant holders using non-human primates must comply with the NC3Rs guidelines Primate Accommodation, Care and Use (

Grant holders should make use of the ARRIVE guidelines ( when designing their experiments, and ensure that they report animal-based studies in accordance with the ARRIVE guidelines as far as possible, taking into account the specific editorial policies of the journal concerned.