If our member charities award funding via open competition their 'indirect' costs of research in universities can be covered by the Charity Research Support Fund. 

The Charity Research Support Fund underpins charity investment in university research across England. The fund enables universities to leverage research funding from charities; it means researchers who receive charitable funding can recover the ‘indirect’ costs of research that charities do not pay. These costs include estates, shared IT and administration overheads.

All our member charities are eligible for the CRSF due to our quality standards.

The CRSF is an element of government funding administered to universities as part of quality-related research funding. In England, it was allocated by Higher Education Funding Council for England before April 2018, and through Research England, under UK Research and Innovation, after April 2018.

Through the CRSF in England, the government adds up to 19p to every charity pound invested in universities. This does not include the equivalents in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Source: Research EnglandHEFCE

Read more about our member charities and the CRSF in this report and FAQs document.