Over 30 years ago a small, diverse group of medical research charities formed the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) to unite the sector and provide it with a leading voice. Since then our membership has grown to over 150 charities and we continue to support them in saving and improving lives through research and innovation.

We assess our member charities' research funding processes when they apply for membership and carry out a full audit every five years, to ensure they fund the best research. We also produce guides and provide training to help our member charities maximise their impact.

We run meetings, networks and events that connect member charities and key stakeholders, to share learning and foster collaborations that deliver benefits to patients sooner.

We submit consultation responses, meet with policy-makers, publish position statements, and develop infographics and reports, to communicate our member charities' value and enable them to drive positive change.

Our mission

The AMRC brings together and supports health and medical charities to produce high-quality research. We do this by influencing policy and research, and highlighting the sector’s contribution to patient and public health.

Our strategy

As part of our 2020-25 strategic plan,  we consulted with members and developed five strategic objectives. These are to:

  1. To champion the unique voice of the medical research charity sector by informing and educating internal and external stakeholders across the changing life sciences and digital health landscape.

  2. To influence the research and health funding landscape to ensure that medical research charities investment is leveraged efficiently for patient impact.

  3. To foster and enable better collaboration to address the needs of patients by working with industry, academia, NHS, regulators, our members and other stakeholders.

  4. To maximise the potential for research and innovation in the NHS to ensure the investment from medical research charities has the greatest impact for patients.

  5. To drive forward the quality future focused member offering which addresses changing needs and enhances AMRC’s delivery capability.

This infographic shares our key achievements from the last five-year strategy.

This infographic highlights the impact we've had whilst working with our member charities between April and September 2020.

Find out about our team members on this page.