Join us and become part of a network of 150 medical and health research charities who deliver high-quality research that saves and improves lives.

Who can become a member?

Our membership applies to organisations and not to individuals. Your organisation must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Your organisation must be registered as a charity in England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • One of your charity’s principle activities must be funding health or medical research in the UK
  • Your charity must work in line with our standards in Expert review
  • Your charity must have a published research strategy
  • Your charity must have a written policy on conflicts of interest
  • Your charity must endorse our position statements on the use of animals in research and the importance of involvement in medical research

Visit our Research management page to find guidance for meeting our eligibility criteria.

For more information on our eligibility criteria read Regulation 3 of our Standing Orders.

What are the benefits?

By becoming an AMRC member you will have influence, opportunities to connect and collaborate, support to fund the best, most impactful research and researchers, and access to resources.

Read more about our member benefits on our Member Benefits page.

How much does it cost?

Your subscription fee for 2023-24 is based on your charity's UK research expenditure for the financial year ending in 2022, according to the table below.

Band UK research expenditure 2024-25 subscription fee
1 >£40,000,000 Capped
2 £25,000,000 - £39,999,999 Capped
3 £12,500,00 - £24,999,999 £33,645
4 £7,500,000 - £12,499,999 £18,325
5 £5,000,000 - £7,499,999 £11,745
6 £3,750,000 - £4,999,999 £8,435
7 £2,500,000 - £3,749,999 £6,160
8 £1,500,000 - £2,499,999 £4,305
9 £850,000 - £1,499,999 £2,660
10 £650,000 - £849,999 £1,715
11 £450,000 - £649,999 £1,215
12 £350,000 - £449,999 £850
13 £250,000 - £349,999 £625
14 £0 - £249,999 £500

Subscription fees are subject to increase with inflation each year. Nearly 90% of our income comes from member subscriptions. We maintain our independence by capping subscriptions so that no member contributes more than 25% of our income.

For more information on our subscription policy read Regulation 7 of our Standing Orders.

How do you join?

Before you apply, we recommend you read the supporting documents mentioned in the eligibility criteria above and then get in touch with Juan at [email protected]

We can offer advice on peer review and other aspects of good research practice for funders, and we are happy to work with you on developing your systems to meet our quality standards and membership criteria.

Once you have read the documents and spoken with a member of our team you will need to fill out an an Application and Grants form.