Key findings

  • Almost one third of the charity workforce is employed part-time, on average.
  • Turnover rates are variable in the sector but in general smaller charities tend to have lower turnover and larger charities tend to have higher turnover.


How many full time (FTE) staff do you employ?

How many FTE staff do you have in each of these roles (or equivalent roles)?

Note: if the charity responded with 'N/A' for a role then this was counted as 0 FTE staff and included in the averages.

What percentage of your staff work part-time?

Approximately how many individuals volunteered for your organisation in 2017?

What was the average number of days lost to sickness absence in 2017 per FTE?

On average, how long do staff members stay at your organisation?

(Ignore outliers in this calculation)

On average, what is your annual turnover rate?

(Excluding terminations or layoffs)