Key findings

  • 76% of charities do external benchmarking for salaries but they use many different sources, demonstrating a need for a more applicable benchmarking source.
  • 96% of charities consider an annual pay increase for employees.
  • Only 23% of charities award bonuses.


Do you have salary bands and if so, are they based on external benchmarking?

What is your source(s) for external benchmarking?

Charities collectively reported using more than 30 different sources for external benchmarking of salaries, including consulting companies, surveys and recruitment/job advertisements.

Do you consider an annual pay increase for employees?

How do you award pay increases?

Do you award bonuses?

How do you award bonuses?

What is your average FTE salary by role?

(Write N/A if no staff in that role)

Note that the number of charities for each size bracket and each role varies because sometimes charities skipped this question, skipped parts of the question, or they didn’t provide a salary for certain roles because they have no one at their charity in an equivalent role.

What are your minimum employee and employer pension contributions (%)?

Detailed information about the standard pension contribution requirements in the UK can be found here. The simple guideline is that the total minimum contribution must be 5%, where the employer must put at least 2% and the employee must contribute the rest to bring it up to 5%.

Describe any significant variations to the standard scheme, if any.

Some of the most common variations included:

  • Enhanced employer contribution after passing probation or after a certain length of employment
  • Staff receive a contribution from their employer of 5% or more and therefore are not required to contribute anything themselves
  • Employer matches up to a certain percentage employee contribution (eg., 5% or 10%)
  • Enhanced employer contribution for older employees (45 years or older)
  • National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)
  • Group personal pension plan for certain groups of employees