Researchfish is an online evaluation system for collecting information on outputs, outcomes and impacts of research. It allows researchers to link their outputs to the different grants that they hold from funders who are using the system. Impacts are added prospectively meaning funders can assess the impact of a whole funding stream as well as from individual grants.

We’ve been collaborating with the Medical Research Council and Researchfish since 2013 to allow our members the opportunity to use Researchfish at a discounted rate. 

This agreement enables us to auto code and collate sector data and provide a collaborative and supportive learning environment for data analysis and impact for all contributors. You can read about how AMRC has used Researchfish to pool outcomes data across charities in this case study.

The governance structure for Researchfish is comprised of a steering board and several sub-groups who meet every couple months. AMRC has representation in each of these groups and we can flag any concerns from our membership to improve the system. Please contact Jocelyn with issues or feedback you’d like to relay about Researchfish.

If you’re one of our member charities and wish to join this initiative, please contact our research, data and impact manager, Jocelyn.