Published: June 2024

This report examines the research expenditure of 150 AMRC member charities in 2023. You can access a breakdown of the spending of our member charities in our Member Dashboard and you can find previous published briefings in our Reports archive.

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To explore key facts and figures about our members and the research they fund take a look at our infographic.

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Data notes

AMRC charities are a major contributor to UK medical research 

  • MRC and NIHR UK research spend from 2022-23 annual reports. Spending on research by health departments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland not illustrated.

  • AMRC member financial data for this and previous financial years are obtained via an annual data collection exercise. Financial data collected is categorized into 4 domains: research expenditure in the UK; overseas research expenditure; capital projects (including building and equipment over £50K); other charitable activities (e.g. welfare, support, care and information).  

  • UK research expenditure over time. Graph plotted using historical data submitted by AMRC member charities. Orange line shows spend from all AMRC member charities. Blue line shows spend excluding the Wellcome Trust. 

The current climate continues to affect AMRC charities and their research 

All figures calculated from survey responses from AMRC member charities. 

Questions in which the figures are taken from are: 

  • Is the cost-of-living crisis and rise in inflation, causing or expected to cause a reduction in your organisation’s income?

  • Is the cost-of-living crisis and rise in inflation having, or expected to have, an impact upon your organisation’s spend on research?

  • Does your organisation see an increase in the cost of research?

  • If you have experienced a rise in the cost of research, how has your organisation responded to this increasing cost?