Key findings

  • Most charities have a probation period of 3 or 6 months.
  • Passing probation is often linked to increased benefits.


Typically how long is your probation period for new staff?

Is passing this probation period tied to eligibility for any enhanced benefits?

If yes, please describe briefly.

The graph above shows a summary of the most common responses. Other responses included:

  • enhanced maternity/paternity pay
  • medical insurance
  • increased notice period
  • wellness allowance
  • eyecare vouchers

What was the average spend per head for training during 2017?

(Excluding FTE cost of staff time)

How many employee relations cases did you have in 2017?

(For example: grievances, disciplinary actions, etc)

How many of these were handled by internal processes?

Do you have a trade union or employee representatives group?