Logo William Harvey Research Foundation

The William Harvey Research Foundation (WHRF) is a charity that kick-starter funds high-risk, early stage research that advances our knowledge of human diseases enabling the development of new treatments, in particular drug discovery, to address unmet medical need. The Foundation supports and conducts this work through its world’s leading pharmacological research centre, William Harvey Research (WHR).

WHR encourages innovative research of this type: inevitably higher risk, yet potentially offering much higher rewards – and, being initially small-scale, relatively cheap to fund.  WHR does not aspire to cover the entire biomedical universe, however: the return on our efforts will be greater if research is concentrated on selected, complementary themes. There are three main areas of focus:

  • Cardiovascular disease (e.g. heart failure);
  • Endocrine disorders (e.g. diabetes);
  • Inflammation (e.g. arthritis).


Primary research areas

Cardiovascular,  Inflammatory and immune system,  Metabolic and endocrine

Additional research areas

Ageing,  Blood,  Renal and urogenital,  Stroke

Grant types

Postgraduate studentship,  Fellowship,  Senior Personal Support,  Project (typically<4 years),  Equipment