Each year we ask our members to provide us with their research expenditure and grants portfolio data. These are the latest versions of the Grants form and Research Expenditure form from our 2019 annual data collection on 2018 data.

How does AMRC use your data?
Providing us with your data is a membership requirement and allows us to represent the value and footprint of the medical research charity sector to the public and policy makers. The analyses we do with the data also create resources for benchmarking, influencing policy and informing future strategy.

Your data helps us create a strong, collective, evidence-based voice for the sector that is fundamental for our policy work, and it provides a basis for various reports we publish throughout the year, including our annual infographic and spotlight reports on particular health topics.

We also use your UK research expenditure to calculate your AMRC membership subscription cost.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions about the annual data collection.