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Good health makes life better. We want to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive.

We support thousands of curious, passionate people all over the world to explore great ideas, at every step of the way from discovery to impact.

We also identify priority areas where we can give focused, intensive support when there are real opportunities to transform lives, or we can drive reform to ensure that ideas reach their full potential.


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Research areas

Ageing,  Blood,  Cancer,  Cardiovascular,  Child health,  Congenital disorders,  Ear,  Eye,  End of life care,  Infection,  Inflammatory and immune system,  Injuries and accidents,  Mental health,  Metabolic and endocrine,  Musculoskeletal,  Neurological,  Oral and gastrointestinal,  Renal and urogenital,  Reproductive health and childbirth,  Respiratory,  Skin,  Stroke,  Generic health relevance

Grant types

Clinical trial,  Equipment,  Fellowship,  Infrastructure,  Lectureship,  Travel and meetings,  Postgraduate studentship,  Project (typically <4 years),  Programme (typically >4 years),  Senior personal support,  Unit