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Wellbeing of Women invests in medical research to transform the lives of women and their babies.

Our Mission is to improve treatments and find cures and prevention in women’s reproductive health and childbirth.

We fund pioneering medical research to tackle health issues in three key areas: gynaecological cancers; pregnancy and birth; and wellbeing issues such as endometriosis, incontinence and menopause. Almost all women will experience some form of reproductive or gynaecological health problem during the course of their lifetime and we are the only charity that funds research across the whole spectrum of women’s reproductive health.


Twitter: @WellbeingofWmen

Primary research areas

Reproductive health and childbirth

Additional research areas

Cancer,  Cardiovascular,  Congenital disorders,  Infection,  Inflammatory and immune system,  Mental health,  Metabolic and endocrine,  Neurological,  Generic health relevance

Grant types 

Fellowship,  Project (typically <4 years)