Raising awareness of the service:

.@NHSDigital recently announced a new system for using GP data for research. It’s important that the public are aware of these changes and their right to opt out of their data being collected for uses outside their individual care. Find out more here: https://bit.ly/2R9GVju 

Understanding Patient Data blog about the service:

If you want to find out more about @NHSDigital’s new system for collecting GP data for research, check out this blog by @Patient_Data which gives their perspective on the changes and what they mean to patients: https://bit.ly/34yuBMW #DataSavesLives

Benefits of using data for research

There are many benefits of health data being used for research – provided it is done in a trustworthy way, with transparency and communication. Check out some of the ways that data held by @NHSDigital was used during the pandemic to save lives: https://bit.ly/3peKz8j