Spotlight on Healthy Ageing

Published 25 July 2018

This spotlight report highlights the ways in which medical research charities are working towards preventing disease and promoting health in the UK’s ageing society.

10 million people living in the UK today can expect to reach 100 years old. The government has made a commitment to meet the needs of an ageing society through the Industrial Strategy’s Ageing Society Grand Challenge. This spotlight report sets out how AMRC member charities are investing in research related to healthy ageing and provides examples of innovative projects and collaborations that are currently underway.

Data sources:


  1. 10 million:
  2. 33%:; ONS, Labour market projections 2006-2020
  3. 2/3:
  4. Only 50%: 2011 ONS census

Medical research charities work to…

  1. £300m, 850 projects, 64 charities: Awards from current AMRC members with start date between 1/1/2013 and 31/12/2017. Inclusion criteria: award was (1) funded by ageing-focused charity, (2) HRCS coded as a prevention award (RA3), or (3) contained an ageing-related keyword in the abstract.
  2. 10,000 people, 40 studies: Clinical trials and studies in the Ageing specialty that were funded by AMRC member charities (1 Apr 2013 to 31 March 2018). Data from the NIHR CRN: Open Data Platform (ODP).
  3. Map: apportioned value of awards from subset described above (1). 1% had unknown locations.

To learn more about the projects and partnerships featured in this report, follow these links:

  1. Tackling age-related hearing loss
  2. Predicting and preventing Parkinson’s
  3. Preventing age-related vision loss
  4. Improving strength in ageing muscles
  5. Managing chronic pain to improve quality of life in an ageing society