Published 29 November 2017

This spotlight report highlights the positive difference medical research charities are making with healthcare technology.

Charity-funded researchers are developing more than 200 medical products and interventions, and over 100 software and tech products.

The report sets out how member charities are working in this area, and provides examples of the life-changing research they continue to support; from healing severe wounds and burns with artificial skin to helping people with aphasia practise speech in an online virtual world.

Our data shows that many medical research charities with a range of main focuses fund healthcare technology research.

Data sources:

  1. £380m, 78 charities: AMRC research portfolio database, active grants in 2015 and 2016 tagged with heathcare technology-relevant HRCS research activity codes.
  2. Map: apportioned value of awards from subset described above.
  3. Development of products & further funding: data from 40 AMRC members using the Researchfish system to capture research outputs and outcomes, linked to award subset described above. “Other” category includes academic/university, global, hospitals, learned society, and multiple.