Published: 16 February 2018

This infographic highlights the positive difference medical research charities are making for dementia patients across the UK.

Data sources:

Stats are from Alzheimer’s Research UK Dementia Statistics Hub.

  1. 850,000: Prince, M et al (2014) Dementia UK: Update Second Edition report produced by King’s College London and the London School of Economics for the Alzheimer’s Society
  2. 38%: YouGov polling for Alzheimer’s Research UK 2nd – 5th May 2012 and ONS population statistics
  3. 92%: Source: Browne J et al Association of comorbidity and health service usage among patients with dementia in the UK; a population-based study (2017)
  4. £26bn: Lewis et al (2014). Trajectory of Dementia in the UK – Making a Difference, report produced the Office of Health Economics for Alzheimer’s Research UK

How are medical research charities working in this area?

  1. 22 charities, £113m: AMRC research portfolio database, active grants in 2015 and 2016 funded by dementia-focused charities or containing dementia-related keywords in the award title or abstract.
  2. 13,800 people: Clinical trials funded by AMRC member charities and managed by the Dementias and Neurodegeneration specialty (April 2016 - March 2017). Data extracted on 5 Feb 2018 from NIHR CRN: Open Data Platform (ODP).
  3. People vector created by Muammark -
  4. Map: apportioned value of awards from subset described above (1). 4% were unknown.
  5. Further investment: Data from AMRC members using the Researchfish system to capture research impact, linked to award subset described above (1). “Other” category includes academic/university, global, hospitals, learned society, and multiple sources, excluding European funders.

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