Published: June 2023

This infographic outlines key facts and figures about our members and the research they fund. To facilitate the sharing of these stats, you can view and download the individual graphics. Download a PDF version or view the infographic below (please make sure you've accepted cookies in order to view below).

You can find an in-depth discussion of their research expenditure in this briefing.

Data notes

Our sector’s footprint in 2022 infographic

Providing vital funding for research

  • Map: Apportioned value of awards active in 2022, by UK region. Percentages were calculated from the value of all grants active in the UK only.
  • 85%: The percentage of AMRC member grants active in 2022 in the UK, where the host institution was a university.
  • 19,000: Total number of researchers whose salaries and/or studentships were paid for by AMRC charities in 2022. Number of PhD students is 2,803. Figure based on estimates provided by AMRC members in our annual member survey.
  • 14%: Calculated as percentage of total research expenditure, reported by AMRC members.
  • 20%: Proportion of grants active in 2022, that had a focus on a rare disease. In short, a comprehensive search strategy using rare disease terms from the Orphanet database was used to identify rare disease awards by AMRC member 2022 award portfolio.

Partnering to maximise investment and impact

  • 1 in 8: Proportion of AMRC grants active in 2022 that were co-funded with other organisation(s). Co-funding organisations were categorised by type and the top 5 most common types are displayed with the relative percentage of co-funded awards. Public bodies include UKRI, NIHR and other UK and non-UK governmental and public bodies. Private sector includes private companies and industry. Non-member charities include any charitable organisation that is not a member of the AMRC. Organisation types with lower percentages that are not shown include NHS/hospitals and other or unknown. Grants co-funded with organisations in multiple sectors (18%) were not included in the percentages shown.
  • 63%: Percentage of AMRC members who co-funded at least 1 grant active in 2022.
  • 115: Number of countries since 2013, in which a researcher has collaborated with another researcher, who has been funded an AMRC member. Data obtained from Researchfish®.

Making a difference for patients

  • 164,000: Number of patients recruited in the UK to take part in clinical research studies or trials funded by AMRC member charities between 1 April 2022 and 31 March 2023. Data provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Open Data Platform. Annual data cut 16th May 2023.
  • 26%: Percentage of non-commercial research studies supported by the NIHR Clinical Research Network that were funded by AMRC member charities between April 2022 and March 2023. Data provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Open Data Platform. Annual data cut 16th May 2022.
  • 55%: Percentage of AMRC members who indicated in our annual member survey that they fund research posts in the NHS, including, but not limited to, clinicians, nurses and clinical trials support staff.
  • Clinical trial studies: Breakdown of total number of participants in UK recruited into AMRC member funded studies by specialty. Data provided by the NIHR Clinical Research Network Open Data Platform. Annual data cut 16 May 2023.