Published: 20 November 2017

Responding to the announcement that the European Medicines Agency will be relocated to Amsterdam, the Association of Medical Research Charities, said:

“One of the expected consequences of Brexit has been that the EMA headquarters may transfer from the UK. Today’s announcement confirms this to be the case. We are calling for reassurance that this will not have adverse effects on patients in the UK and EU. This is best achieved by ensuring an orderly transition. Patients must not get slower access to new drugs and treatments as a result of this move.

“Continued EU-wide regulatory frameworks for special populations (rare disease, paediatric and the elderly) are particularly vital. Taken together, between 6000 and 8000 rare diseases affect the daily lives of around 30 million people in the EU. A single authorisation for the EU can make the distribution of medicines for small and special populations cost effective, where seeking multiple approvals through regulatory procedures could be very expensive.”