Published: 1 February 2024

Launched today, the latest UK Health Research Analysis report shows that AMRC charities contributed 34% of public investment in UK health research in 2022. This is over 40% of all grants reported, funding across each stage of research in every area of health.

Collectively, AMRC charities provided the largest proportion of public funding for research into treatment development (46%), and nearly half of public funding for research into underpinning biology (44%) and cause of disease (43%).

The analysis shows that they contributed the majority of public investment for research into cancer and neoplasm (66%) and cardiovascular health (63%), as well as accounting for over a third of public investment into the inflammatory and immune system (38%), and neurological health (34%).

Dr Catriona Manville, Director of Research Policy at the Association of Medical Research Charities commented: “It’s amazing to see the mix of funding that contributes to UK research, and charities play a vital role in this. AMRC members fund across all disease areas, recognise the priorities of the public, and advance understanding and application in so many ways."

“This analysis also highlights the importance of co-ordination across the funding system as well as identifying opportunities for future collaboration and innovation.” 

More detail on the vital role of charities in the UK health research landscape can be found here.