Published: 27 April 2023

We’re excited to announce our Festival of Partnerships! The festival will shine a light on partnering – how best to do it, the challenges it brings and showcasing great examples from the sector – through a series of in-person and online events to champion the role of partnerships in the charity sector.

Collaboration and partnership have become buzzwords in recent times, but there is a reason for that. For research charities, partnering can accelerate impact for those in desperate need of new treatments; bring more innovative ideas to the fore; bring more investment to a challenge; allow focus on different aspects of conditions; free up resource; and amplify voices. 

Over recent years we have seen excellent examples of all kinds of partnership across the AMRC membership, with the pandemic focusing attention on the importance of collaborations. But there is also a recognition that partnering well is difficult, and there is a desire to learn more. 

The Festival of Partnerships is launching today with a member survey asking what you want to support your collaborative endeavours and to seek examples which we can showcase.

Take our survey

The main focus of the festival will be an events programme. It will start with
an introductory event on 8 June, exploring different aspects of partnerships between charities. This will be followed by webinars and ‘Ask an Expert’ events and will conclude with a closing event in September. The summer social, AMRC working group meetings and the CEO summit will all also include a focus on partnerships.

The events programme will be accompanied by a social media campaign using the hashtag #Partner4Research and a festival hub for all things partnerships, including a series of blogs and other related content.

We would love to hear the amazing things you are doing over the festival, and see you joining in the learning and the fun including at the Summer Social on 20 July where we will be gathering members together for our second annual get-together.