Published: 23 October 2020

Today the Institute for Public Policy Research published their 'Research at Risk' report warning that the charity fundraising hit from COVID-19 will mean up to £7.8 billion less for medical research. In response Aisling Burnand MBE, Chief Executive of the Association of Medical Research Charities, said:

“The impact of COVID-19 on charity investment in research will significantly impede government’s goal for the UK to become a global science superpower. Looking at the years ahead, not only will there be a drastic shortfall in charity funded research, but the knock on impact on levels of private R&D investment will be sizable.  

“The IPPR ‘Research at Risk’ report gives a strong economic rationale for the proposed Life Sciences Charity Partnership Fund - echoing the need for government intervention.

“With the Spending Review on the horizon and the government facing tough choices, this evidence makes a multi-faceted case for why supporting charity funded research will set the UK on a course for an economic and social recovery. Patients, their carers and the public deserve a future where the fruits of life sciences R&D benefit us all.”