Published: 23 January 2017

Commenting on the launch of the Government’s Green Paper on the Industrial Strategy, CEO of AMRC Aisling Burnand said:

“The new Industrial Strategy is a promising new Government initiative where ‘investing in science, research and innovation’ is recognised as one of the 10 strategic pillars. The life science sector must take a central role as it is of such great importance to the UK economy, NHS and, of course, patients. This recognition in the Industrial Strategy echoes the Prime Minister’s stated focus on  science and research as one of the objectives for Brexit negotiations.

“We, at the AMRC,  will continue to engage to ensure the best possible outcome from the strategy for our sector. Part of what makes UK life sciences great is the important role that medical research charities play in driving research and innovation. In 2015, charities invested £1.4bn into research and funded the salaries of 15,000 researchers. Our members’ investment in high-risk early stage research is crucial for discovering new treatments and cures.

“We also welcome the emphasis on STEM skills. A strong sector needs access to highly skilled people including technicians and top-notch scientists. Science is collaborative in nature and we need to ensure our home grown talent is given the best opportunities to develop and  collaborate to ensure a thriving research and innovation base.”