Published: 7 July 2021

In response to Government's new Life Sciences Vision, Nicola Perrin, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the Association of Medical Research Charities said:

"The Life Sciences Vision sets out an ambitious and important plan for how the UK can become a science superpower, and has left no doubts about the vital role our charities have to play in helping to make it a reality.

"Medical research charities will be central to addressing major health challenges set out in the Vision, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and mental health. However, to do this further support is required to help them recover from the pandemic and enable them to grow their substantial research investment in a sustainable way.

"Government must also be wary of the underlying challenges that need to be addressed when delivering their data ambitions. The public’s trust in the use and sharing of health data has recently been undermined, and there is work to do to raise public awareness and improve engagement in order to build confidence that health data will be used responsibly.

"We look forward to continuing to work with Government and key stakeholders to deliver this positive and bold vision to ultimately bring benefits to patients sooner.