Published 21 November 2023 

In response to the announcement of who has won the contract to provide the NHS with a Federated Data Platform (FDP), Nicola Perrin, CEO of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) said:

“It is crucial that the public, patients and healthcare professionals have confidence in the way NHS data is used. The FDP is incredibly complex so having clear and accessible information about what it is and is not, is really important, for example it is about care and care services not research. We are pleased that NHSE has created an engagement portal to coincide with their announcement.
“The overarching goal to make better use of data to help the NHS improve how it arranges and delivers care for patient benefit is a worthy one. The creation of the FDP must become part of an ongoing dialogue about the use of health data.”

For more information on the FDP and our response, read our joint blog with National Data Guardian, National Voices, Understanding Patient Data. 

Read our blog, which provides some background to the announcement and links to reliable sources where you can find accurate information or ask questions if needed.