Published: 6 November 2023

Today we’re publishing our ‘Top Tips for Partnering’, which brings together advice shared by our members, supporters and others during our Festival of Partnerships. 

Read the top tips for partnering

This year, the AMRC shone a light on partnering through our Festival of Partnerships. This series of events and activities focused on how best to partner for research, the challenges of partnering and the incredible outcomes that they can deliver. Crucially, the Festival gave us the chance to showcase and learn from great examples of partnerships in the charity sector.

In this new report, we've bought together learnings, along with quotes from those who took part in the Festival, to create a list of nine top tips for partnering. These cover how to set up a partnership, how to sustain collaborations and how to evaluate success. 

Read the top tips and other resources on partnering for research in our Festival of Partnerships hub