Published: 21 July 2022

AMRC has joined businesses, charities, researchers and universities to call on the Conservative leadership contenders to continue government’s commitment to ensuring the UK remains a world leader in research, development and innovation (RDI).

In a joint statement we ask the next Prime Minister to push to invest 3% of GDP in R&D and deliver a strategic, long-term approach to funding, the immigration system, tax and continued close collaboration with the international research community. The statement also stresses that when it comes to collaboration their first priority must be to seek association to Horizon Europe, and maintain the fruitful networks with researchers across Europe built up over decades.

The next Prime Minister must not miss a beat in the effort to build on existing strengths for the future success of UK research and innovation. Now is the time to reassert and deliver on plans to make the UK the place-to-be, maximising the benefits of RDI to the economy and to people’s lives.