Myeloma UK has three aims to help achieve our goal to make myeloma history.

1. To Find Answers Investing in myeloma research, to improve our understanding of the disease, to investigate new treatment options for patients and ultimately contribute towards finding a cure.

2. To Lead Change Giving patients, carers and health professionals a voice by working in partnership to raise the visibility of myeloma (and related conditions), and inform policy and decision makers.

3. To Support Providing dedicated information and support to those affected by myeloma and related conditions as well as those that care for them, in order to improve care, experience and treatment for patients.


Twitter: @MyelomaUK

Primary research areas

Blood,  Cancer

Additional research areas

Generic health relevance

Grant types

Clinical trial,  Postgraduate studentship,  Fellowship,  Project (typically <4 years),  Programme (typically >4 years)