Medical Research Scotland is an independent medical research charity which provides funding for research which aims to improve the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease; to understand basic disease processes; or to develop medical technology. We do this through our undergraduate Vacation Scholarships, PhD Studentships and Medical Research Scotland-sponsored Daphne Jackson Fellowships which support and encourage early stage scientists to develop and establish successful research careers. We are not restricted to funding research into any one disease or condition and the research we fund takes place in Scotland.

Research areas

Ageing,  Blood,  Cancer,  Cardiovascular,  Child health,  Congenital disorders,  Ear,  Eye,  End of life care,  Infection,  Inflammatory and immune system,  Injuries and accidents,  Mental health,  Metabolic and endocrine,  Musculoskeletal,  Neurological,  Oral and gastrointestinal,  Renal and urogenital,  Reproductive health and childbirth,  Respiratory,  Skin,  Stroke,  Generic health relevance

Grant types

Fellowship,  Postgraduate studentship,  Undergraduate studentship