Negotiations continue to determine the UK’s new relationship with the EU. We are working to ensure that the voice of the medical research charity sector is heard as part of this process.

No negative impact on patients

The AMRC and its members agree that it is vital for the deal reached to ensure there is no negative impact on patients. This applies both within the UK and across the EU.

This means patients must be able to continue to:

  • Participate in vital pan-EU clinical trials
  • Have speedy access to new medical innovations
  • Experience no disruption in the supply of medicines and treatments
  • Benefit from the fruits of innovative research collaborations across the UK and EU.

Priority areas

Position the UK as an attractive destination for global research talent and expertise.

Implement an aligned and compatible regulatory framework between the UK and the EU for medical research.

Cooperate with the European Medicines Agency on EU regulatory frameworks and agreements for medicines and medical devices to ensure patients have timely access to new health innovations.

Continue to participate in EU funding programmes and collaborative opportunities to progress the discovery and understanding of diseases and ill health.

Ensure no disruption in the supply and trade of medicines and other health technologies from day one of the UK’s new relationship with the EU.

The UK's future immigration system

In light of major immigration policy development following the UK’s departure from the EU and the Government’s stated commitment to end freedom of movement, AMRC's position statement sets out the key principles needed for the UK’s future immigration system from the perspective of medical research charities.

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