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Bowel & Cancer Research funds research to ensure more people survive bowel cancer and fewer people have to live with chronic bowel disease. They invest in the best science across the UK and encourage their next generation of research experts by supporting a dedicated PhD studentship programme. Bowel & Cancer Research believe that they make research better when they involve the public in all its aspects, so they have a unique programme to make this happen called People and Research Together, or PaRT. The charity wants to support people who live with bowel conditions and educate the public about what it's like to live with a chronic bowel condition, so they run engaging campaigns aimed at challenging enduring myths and taboos.  

Twitter: @BowelCancerRSRC

Primary research areas

Cancer,  Inflammatory and immune system,  Oral and gastrointestinal

Grant types

Postgraduate studentship,  Project (typically <4 years)