By Leonora Neale, Communications Officer, AMRC

Published: 14 November 2016

AMRC and ABPI's inaugural Patients First Conference will be held on Monday 28 November.  It will bring together patients, charities, companies, government bodies, academics, regulators and staff from the NHS under one roof to start a conversation, showcase new ideas and focus on how to deliver the best outcomes for patients.  Will you be there?

We know what you’re thinking – do I really need to leave work and attend another conference?


Here are five reasons you need to get out from behind your desk and join charity and industry sector leaders at Patients First.


Patients First will connect hundreds of thought-leaders and decision-makers from across the health and medical research environment who are motivated by the same mission: to ensure medical research is patient-centric.  You will meet and mingle with like-minded people who face the same challenges that you do.  It is the ideal environment to make personal connections that could lead to exciting new research partnership opportunities.

Learn from the best

No matter how experienced you are, everyone can learn.  Without exposure to a variety of perspectives, we can miss developments in best practice that have the potential to improve patient outcomes.  Patients First will expose you to game-changing thinkers who will share their expertise, insights and case examples with you. You will come away with the experiences of real lessons learned and heaps of ideas.


“Two heads are better than one” – uniting people with different experiences and abilities is the best way to achieve effective problem-solving.  Patients First will bring together patients and charity and industry leaders in medical research to consider issues such as how do we better leverage patient perspectives to deliver truly patient-centric solutions?  This will help you to identify barriers to patient-centric research and draw inspiration for innovative solutions for you and your organisation.

Get inspired

Patients First will help energise and rejuvenate you: mixing with inspirational charity and industry sector leaders who share your goals and passion will boost your morale, sharpen your focus, and reinforce your determination.  Kickstart your creative thinking on how to deliver improved patient-centric research by exploring ideas, experiences and solutions with over 300 leaders in the field.

Have fun

Fun matters! With its relaxed interactive nature, networking opportunities and social atmosphere, Patients First could be the perfect way to introduce fun into your working day in a manner that is rewarding, motivating and productive.

Have we persuaded you? We hope very much that you can join us for what promises to be an inspiring day full of ideas, positivity and opportunity.