16 January 2018
The BenevolentAI team explains how their AI platform can be used to take charities' research to the next level.
3 January 2018
Gabriela Feldberg, Head of Feasibility, Recruitment and Engagement at Covance, investigates what issues patients cite as barriers to clinical study participation; how far they're willing to travel to participate in a study; and how much more willing they are to participate knowing that their physician is aware of the study?
29 December 2017
Carol Bewick, our Head of Communications and Member Engagement, looks back at her first 12 months with AMRC and takes us through her top five highlights from this year.
15 December 2017
Connect Immune Research is a major new scientific initiative from the type 1 diabetes charity JDRF, Arthritis Research UK, MS Society and other organisations working in partnership. Here, three experts tell the story of the partnership so far...
15 December 2017
After months of preparation, many briefings and a few last-minute meeting changes, AMRC hosted our first Day in Westminster event last month.
15 December 2017
Anonymous (not verified)
On 25 May 2017, new EU regulations for medical devices (MDR) and in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) entered into force, marking the start of a three- and five-year transition period.
14 December 2017
With Christmas around the corner we were feeling a little festive and have decided to do a Brexit rendition of Mariah Carey's 'All I want for Christmas'. Merry Christmas from all of the AMRC team!
5 December 2017
Today, AMRC publishes a new report - Facilitating adoption of off-patent, repurposed medicines into NHS clinical practice. The report was prepared in response to a request from the office of the Minister for Life Sciences in 2015 to take a closer look at the potential for using off-patent, repurposed medicines.
4 December 2017
Mike Johnson, Executive Director of Business Development, Life Arc raises some important questions about collaboration, highlighting that when our mission aligns with another, we could all achieve more by working together.
27 November 2017
Kaisa Immonen, Director of Policy at The European Patients Forum explains the benefits of involving patients in research and the role patient organisations can play in helping drive a shift "from doing research on patients... to doing (better) research with patients".