Published: 20 September 2023

As Party Conference season begins, the next General Election is high on the agenda for all political parties. AMRC has today published a manifesto that calls for strong government support for life sciences to tackle the UK’s health crisis. It provides a framework for the next government, to accelerate access to innovation, improve health outcomes for everyone, reduce the burden on the NHS and cement the UK’s position as a world-leader in R&D.

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The manifesto covers three key areas that should be included in a long-term, Cabinet-led science strategy that delivers faster and more equitable patient access to transformative diagnostics, treatments and cures:

·                  Investing in a thriving R&D system

·                  Supporting a skilled and diverse workforce

·                  Embedding research in the NHS

Within each area, the document provides practical recommendations. Taken together, these actions will benefit patients across the country, and improve economic growth and productivity. They will also enable others – including charities – to collaborate and invest with confidence. 

Commenting on the manifesto’s publication, Nicola Perrin, Chief Executive of AMRC, said:

“With a General Election on the horizon, we’re outlining our blueprint for a future government. This focuses on going back to basics and supporting the fundamental building blocks that underpin UK R&D – from investing in infrastructure and a skilled workforce, to embedding research at the heart of the NHS.”

Dr Louise Wood, Chair of AMRC commented: 

“One of the most effective ways to tackle the UK’s growing burden of disease and unacceptable health inequalities is to invest in research. A thriving life sciences sector, underpinned by strong and sustained government support, will be vital to delivering for patients and carers across the country and drawing in investment from charities and beyond.” 

Alongside the manifesto, we’ve published a new Election Hub on our website: a space to bring together information and resources as the countdown to the General Election begins. 

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We’re keen not only to use this hub to share our own publications, but also manifestos and other resources published by our members. Please get in touch with Louise Wren, our Director of External Affairs ([email protected]), to share your content.