Published: 7 December 2022

Visit our Public involvement area of the website to find out more about public involvement in research.

This report demonstrates how AMRC charities are involving patients and the public throughout all stages of the research process (please make sure you've accepted cookies to view the report below - you can adjust your settings by clicking 'Manage cookie preferences' at the bottom-right of this page). You can also download a PDF version of this report.


Definitions and stat at the top:

  1. AMRC's Public Involvement page.
  2. 91%: percentage of AMRC members who indicated in our 2022 annual member survey that they involve patients (or people with lived experience) in any of the following ways: to develop their organisation’s research strategy; to define research priorities and questions; in funding applications and project design; in peer review of funding applications; on their research advisory committee; in their research evaluation and impact work; in dissemination of research findings; in their influencing work.
  3. AMRC's Public Involvement page.

To learn more about the projects featured in this report, follow these links:

  1. Prioritising research topics
  2. Choosing what research to fund
  3. Designing the research
  4. Doing the research
  5. Sharing the research
  6. Monitoring the research
  7. Influencing research decisions
  8. Making involvement diverse