AMRC, in partnership with BenevolentAI, is running the ‘BenevolentAI Award’ for a second year following the success of BenevolentAI’s work with previous winners, Parkinson’s UK and Cure Parkinson’s Trust. Through this Award, BenevolentAI will help charities accelerate their medical research and potentially develop new treatments and therapies using artificial intelligence.

Awarded to a single applicant BenevolentAI will offer access to its artificial intelligence platform to help solve critical research challenges the selected charity is facing. For example carrying out deep investigation in a specific disease, creating a better understanding of the disease, or even identifying new areas and approaches in R&D to speed up progress towards new treatments. 

The deadline for submission is 15 March 2019. An Award judging panel including Jackie Hunter, CEO of Clinical Programs & Strategic Relationships at BenevolentAI, and Aisling Burnand, CEO of the AMRC will review  applications and choose a winner.

Aisling Burnand, CEO of the AMRC, commented:

Our member charities understand that AI and machine learning can play a significant role in finding new uses for existing drugs, as well as finding novel treatments for diseases. They also know that in order to make a breakthrough they need to try different approaches. This award is a fantastic opportunity for one of our charities to harness the remarkable technology capabilities at Benevolent AI, to deliver better treatments for their patients. It could be a game-changer.

Full details of the Award are available on our website. 

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