Artificial intelligence and data technologies are transforming research and healthcare. To ensure everyone can benefit from health data innovation, Wellcome is investing £75 million in a five-year programme on data for science and health.

Over the last six months, Wellcome has talked to hundreds of leading researchers across 30 countries about the opportunities AI can bring to health data – from helping to detect and diagnose disease more effectively, to speeding up drug discovery, and delivering better care. They’ve also heard about the barriers that hinder innovation in the field.

The data, the tools, the governance, the skills and the public trust are crucial for unblocking data innovation – but these ‘enablers’ often get under-valued and neglected. This is where Wellcome’s new programme on data for science and health can have most impact they aim to:

  • engage society to build people’s trust, understanding and participation in health data innovation  we want to ensure the public are an important part of the solution, for example by building on the successful work of Understanding Patient Data(opens in a new tab) and supporting more effective community engagement with diverse groups. 
  • equip and motivate data scientists to innovate with health data for public good – we want to tackle the difficulties of working with health data, by funding the development of open source tools.

Find out more about the programme on the Wellcome website.

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