Everyone benefits when AMRC member charities put the patient voice at the heart of their research.

We’re here to help our members integrate the patient voice into all aspects of their medical and health research. By taking into account patients’ views when making decisions, charities are better able to progress their work to help improve people’s lives.

What is the patient voice?

Here at the AMRC, we think of patient voice as:

“All activities that seek the views of patients and their families in the diagnosis, management and treatment of diseases and long-term conditions. This also encapsulates the views of care givers, the wider public and healthcare professionals.”

Find out more in our blog post: Turning up the volume on the patient voice

Serving the community

Most of our members are funded by the public. And they all have a strong and unique relationship with patients. Many members already use patient voice to help ensure their work is relevant and meets the expectations of the communities they represent.

How to include the patient voice

Find out how to put the patient voice at the heart of your next research project from our briefings:

We have also put together a document which includes some links to other sources of guidance about patient voice. Download it here.