Since signing the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research, AMRC has been working with our members to ensure that charities can have open conversations about animal research.

Charities have contact with their supporters and the public in many different ways. They need to be able to explain how they are investing donations effectively and be equipped to answer any questions.

Whether our member charities fund research using animals or whether they focus funding on other areas of medical research, all AMRC members stand together. We all support the principle that animals can be used in medical research where it is necessary to advance understanding of serious health conditions and to develop better treatments and where there is no alternative means of finding out that information without using animals.

No charity decides to support this sort of research lightly and we understand that supporters, staff and the public want to know why and how these decisions are made.

People may have specific questions about research using animals: how and why the research is funded; what charities are doing to find alternatives; what conditions animals are kept in; how this research is regulated; what it helps us find out.

To help charities talk to the public about animal research we produced two guidance documents: