The Strategic Coordination of Health of the Public committee (SCHOPR) is looking to produce a clear set of public health research goals, building on the Academy of Medical Sciences Health of the Public in 2040 Report. They are keen to hear from those with an interest in improving the health of the public including funders, researchers and practitioners.

SCHOPR would like you to tell them:

  1. What you think are the bold and ambitious research questions, including on the drivers of health, that you think SCHOPR should be asking in the medium and longer term to help them address the big public health issues of today, and the future. You may want to indicate novel ways these could be addressed
  2. How SCHOPR can support, in addition to existing fields, novel, non-traditional and above all bold visions of what future transdisciplinary public health research can look like, taking into account the broad range of drivers of health.

Please send your contributions to Rachel Conner by 31 January 2019.

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