We provide many impact-related resources and events for our members and the public.


In partnership with NIHR, we host an Impact Coffee Club that meets several times a year with an on-going online discussion forum through a LinkedIn group. Contact Jocelyn for more details or to join the group.

Working groups and workshops

  • Essential Research Management: Twice a year we host a one-day introductory workshop on the fundamentals of research management for research staff at medical research charities. Impact is one of topics covered during this workshop. Visit our events page to find out if there is one coming up.
  • AMRC Researchfish User Group: We organise quarterly meetings for members who use Researchfish to discuss issues, updates, and needs related to Researchfish and impact. If your charity is using Researchfish and would like to attend these meetings, please contact Suzanne.
  • Impact communication workshop: In March 2019 we are holding a communciations workshop focused on the theme of impact. Find out more and register here.
  • Impact and evaluation master class: In March 2017 we held a workshop to learn from other funders and research institutions how to best collect and communicate impact. Visit our events page to find out if there are any similar upcoming events.

 Sample impact reports

Recent AMRC blogs on impact