About the group

Over 40 AMRC charities use Researchfish to collect information on the output and impact of the research they fund. We offer a wide range of support for members that use the system, including quarterly meetings that allow Researchfish users to discuss their experiences and issues and to share best practice.

Benefits of the group

The group meets four times a year, twice for half day catch up meetings and twice for full day workshops run by AMRC. Catch up meetings focus on the latest developments in the system itself whilst workshops aim to help members with analysis and dissemination of the data they collect through Researchfish.

Members of the user group can also choose to opt in to access to a shared dataset containing all the Researchfish data collected by the other participating charities, under a strict data sharing agreement. The shared data is provided in an online interactive tool that allows quick and easy filtering and analysis. This increases the value of the collected data by allowing charities to see how their work fits into the wider landscape.  

AMRC sends representatives to all Researchfish board meetings and system development groups to ensure we can keep our members up to date with the latest developments and also raise any issues our members flag to us at the quarterly meetings in the appropriate forum.

How to join

All Researchfish users AMRC member charities are strongly encouraged to join the group.

If you would like to join, please contact Suzanne