Earlier this week, NHS England’s new Long-Term Plan was published. It follows the Government’s announcement last year of an additional £20.5 billion of funding by 2023/24. The plan includes welcome commitments for research and innovation in the NHS, as well as transforming the service through a range of data and digital measures. Headline commitments include Increasing the number of people registering to participate in research to 1 million by 2024; linking clinical, genomic and other data to support the development of new treatments; and proposals to speed up the pipeline for development and uptake of innovations.

AMRC’s chief executive, Aisling Burnand, welcomed the Plan as an important starting point and publicly offered AMRC’s help as the voice of the charitable medical research sector to support NHS England in the vital next steps to ensure the Plan’s practical success. In 2018, AMRC gathered member input to support our work to inform NHS England during the development of the Long-Term Plan.

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