The Royal College of Physicians has launched a policy statement, ‘Delivering research for all: expectations and aspirations for the NHS in England’, which calls for support for every clinician working in the NHS to become research active.

The statement emphasises that high-quality research in the NHS is everyone’s responsibility and a core part of clinical care. It also provides recommendations for trusts, doctors, patients and health research facilitators including NIHR, HRA, funders and universities.

RCP suggests that health research facilitators should…

  • ensure that there is a transparent business case for the value of their research to the trust
  • support trusts to enhance their capacity and capability in research
  • ensure there is support for research skill development
  • ensure that funding opportunities reflect identified priorities for improvement of care and outcomes
  • ensure there is opportunity for collaboration across all areas of clinical care between academia, industry and the NHS that will involve patients.

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