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Understanding research using animals and the alternatives

20 March 2015

On 20th January 2015, AMRC co-hosted a meeting on understanding animal research at the European Parliament in Brussels. This report summarises the key messages from the meeting, including:

  • The European Union (EU) is a world leader in the responsible use of animals in research and promotes what are widely regarded as the highest standards of animal protection in the world. The EU should be proud of this achievement.
  • Research using animals continues to be essential for medical progress, from furthering our understanding of human and animal health and disease, to the development of safe and effective therapies for use in both medical and veterinary practice. The scientific community is developing alternative methods to animal models, however, they are not yet able to fully replace the use of animals in research.
  • The principles of replacement, reduction and refinement are rightly enshrined in the European Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes. To create an environment in which these principles are centre stage necessitates active engagement of the scientific community. Any attempt to compromise the implementation of the Directive would have significant negative consequences on animal welfare and research across the EU.
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