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Brexit Health Alliance - Collective “asks” as the UK negotiates to exit the EU

1 August 2017

The Brexit Health Alliance has been established so that those who use health services, healthcare commissioners and providers, educators, researchers, the healthcare industry and those working to improve population health and wellbeing and to reduce inequalities in health can have a strong, collective, evidence-based voice as the formal process of leaving the EU gets underway.

The Alliance complements, but does not duplicate, the work of the Cavendish Coalition which focuses on the implications of Brexit for the health and social care workforce.

The Alliance does not take any stance on the merits or otherwise of Brexit. Our aim is to make sure that we are in the strongest possible position once the UK leaves the EU, and to this effect we advocate a negotiated implementation period that adequately reflects the time needed to achieve the following desired outcomes:

1. Maximum levels of research and innovation collaboration
2. Regulatory alignment for the benefit of patients and population health
3. Preservation of reciprocal healthcare arrangements
4. Robust coordination mechanisms on public health and wellbeing
5. A strong funding commitment to the health and public health sectors

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