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AMRC's response to the S&T Committee (Commons) inquiry: Leaving the EU

9 September 2016

About our response

We have focused our response on three areas that the Committee raised in their initial call for evidence: funding and collaboration; people; and regulation and patient access to treatments. In line with the Committee’s second call for evidence, we have included risks and opportunities where appropriate as well as key potential risk indicator metrics.

Wherever possible, we highlight the patient perspective. This includes patients both in the UK and worldwide.

We have used data from a variety of sources to evidence this submission. One of the key datasets used is AMRC impact data which is a rich dataset collected by 40 of our members (covering 45% of AMRC members’ annual research spend) via the online platform Researchfish, for grants they awarded between 2012 and 2014.Whilst this does not cover all AMRC members it provides insights that could not be gathered from any other dataset. Other data were derived from the Global Grants Award Database and corresponding Dimensions Software platform, provided by UberResearch. Please contact the AMRC Policy and Public Affairs team for further information regarding how data were derived (policy@amrc.org.uk). 

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