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AMRC position statement on exiting the European Union

9 September 2016

Investment in science and research drives economic productivity; every £1 of public or charity investment in medical research generates annual monetised health benefits of 10p in perpetuity and additional spill over benefits.

The UK’s future relationship with the EU needs to support the advancement of medical research for the benefit of the health and well-being for the people of the UK and the EU. To enable this, Government must ensure that the UK’s vibrant medical research sector is able to continue to thrive by:

  1. Protecting patients; it is vital there is no impact on patients in terms of access to treatments, ability to take part in research studies/trials and standards of care;
  2. Ensuring the UK medical research community has continued access to EU funding programmes and collaborative opportunities to progress the discovery and understanding of diseases and ill-health. Government must ensure that overall investment in UK science and research is protected and grown in the longer term;
  3. Maintaining the current ease with which researchers, and those involved in medical research including healthcare professionals, technicians and patients, are able to travel and work across the EU and UK; and
  4. Ensuring an aligned and compatible regulatory framework between the UK and the EU for medical research.

UK participation and co-ordination with the EU not only benefits the progression of medical research in the UK, it adds considerable value to medical research across the EU. Without the UK’s involvement, medical research capacity within the EU may be diminished.

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