leaked government report has warned that exiting the EU with no deal in place will leave the UK’s supply of drugs “particularly vulnerable to severe extended delays” at the Channel crossing.

The report said that, because three quarters of medicines come to the UK through the main Channel crossing between the UK and France—where disruption is expected to last as long as six months after a no-deal Brexit—these medicines were particularly vulnerable to severe delays.

The report said that the Department of Health was developing a 'multi-layered strategy' to deal with the prospect of medicine shortages but did not specify any details.

Earlier in the summer, it was reported that government is planning a £100 million public-information campaign to prepare the country for a no-deal scenario. New research by the finance provider Premium Credit suggests one in five of the public are stockpiling in preparation for no-deal and that, of these, one in two have bought extra medicines. Officials privately warned that the public information campaign could inadvertently scare people into stockpiling vital goods if they believe a no-deal scenario is the most likely outcome.

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