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Wessex Medical Trust

WMT has been set up for over 35 years to provide research grants to members of the University of Southampton for medically-related purposes. It specialises in supporting early-career researchers with PhD studentships and Innovation Grants to post docs to enable them to kick start their research careers.

Contact details

023 8079 4460
Mailpoint 801 Level B South Academic Block Southampton General Hospital
SO16 6YD

Charitable activities

Registered charity number 
A registered charity in England and Wales (274839)
Charity Commission profile
AMRC member since 
Before 2000
Spending on charitable activities in 2015 

Research activities

Spending on health research in the UK in 2015 
Eligible for AcoRD


'AcoRD is the Department of Health mechanism for costing clinical research in the NHS. Where indicated, awards from this charity are exempt from certain research costs specified in AcoRD.
Eligible for CRSF

'Funding to universities from AMRC members is eligible for the Charity Research Support Fund (CRSF), where the award is in open competition and peer reviewed.
Using Researchfish

'Researchfish is an online research outcomes system.
not using RF
HRCS Categories

The Health Research Classification System (HRCS) is a framework for classifying medical research grants by health category and type of research
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Infection
  • Inflammatory and immune system
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Mental health
  • Metabolic and endocrine
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Respiratory
  • Skin
  • Stroke
  • Generic health relevance
Types of funding
  • Clinical trial
  • Equipment under £50,000
  • Infrastructure (buildings)
  • Postgraduate studentship
  • Project
  • Travel

Source: AMRC research expenditure database